Your frequently asked questions

1. Can parents attend the event?
Only the driver, mechanic and entrant (or legal representative of the entrant) can enter the paddock (driver plus 2). So, if one of the parents are either mechanic, entrant or legal representative of the entrant they can enter the paddock. There will not be any viewing areas available at the event (no Grand Stand, no tent, etc.).  


2. If my parents can’t attend how do I get to the race?
We need to limit the number of the attendants at the event due to the COVID-19 restrictions. If one of the parents is already the entrant or the mechanic of the driver, they can go with the driver; another solution is to nominate one of the parents as the legal representative of the entrant. 


3. How can I be nominated as a legal representative of the entrant?

The entrant needs to sign an official document identifying himself (with name, personal data and valid entrant license for 2021) that states that Person X (with passport no. xxx) is nominated as the legal representative of the entrant as long as his/her entrant license allows this.


4. Are all the parties canceled?

Yes, unfortunately all parties, contests and side events are cancelled. Due to COVID-19 restrictions no social gatherings are allowed. On top of the legal aspect, we - the organizers - want to minimize as much as possible any health and safety risk for all RMCGF participants. 

5. Why would I go to the race if my family cannot come to see?
You can use your chance to become RMCGF winner also in these difficult COVID-19 circumstances. We are offering a live stream to watch the races closely in order to allow all your supporters at home, at the hotel or elsewhere to follow your race activities.


6. Are my parents / supporters to stay at the hotel all week while I race?
If they cannot attend the event on site as mechanic / entrant / legal representative of the entrant we recommend to look up the local COVID-19 regulations close to the event date to inform yourself of any restrictions concerning local lockdowns and possibilities to leave the hotel. 

7. Is the RMCGF going to happen?

The COVID-19 pandemic spreads and the infections are still increasing all over the world. However in order to keep our promises to our customers we are still continuing to go ahead as scheduled with our planning for the RMC Grand Finals 2020 in Portugal where we will take all necessary measures to provide a safe and sound environment for all the participants. 


8. How should I proceed with the registration which has to be done till 30th of November, if I need a license valid for 2021?

You can register with the 2020 license and finish the registration process in time. As soon as you have the 2021 license, you should modify the datas via the app (you will receive the EDIT-Code by email after the registration process) and add the new license. The modification is possible also after the registration deadline.


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