GRAND FINALS 2012 - Day 26.11.2012

The youngest drivers were the first ones on track, divided in two groups; separated by odd
and even numbers, because it would be very difficult to have more than 70 karts - all
together - on track … We’ve chosen Ross Gunn, one of the British drivers in this RMCGF, to tell us something about this new track: “This is a great track. Very unusual and different from those I use to run in the UK, mostly in the grip subject… My kart was ok, I think I was fast, and I hope to amuse myself during the rest of the week”, he said.

This week, many drivers from all over the world are coming to Algarve and from the other
side of the globe we’ve found Pierce Lehane, one of the Australian MAX drivers. After his
first laps on the track, he was really pleased… “This was a great practice. The track was a little slippery, but I think I know now the track and the next two practice sessions will be very important. Our kart was very good, so I think I can place myself between the best. We want to be in the finals and will see than in the final races. I’ve loved the track, with a several choice of corners, very different from those we have in our
country”, he concluded.

“Playing at home”, Gonçalo Gaivão is one of the Portuguese most fast karting drivers, and
all nation follows his steps, hoping for a good result in the RMCGF. He drives a kart from
DD2 class, and at the end of his first practice, seemed to be very confident: “I took all
sessions to feel and discover the new Haase chassis. The initial set up must be
changed, and we are going to work on it. I have the advantage of knowing the track,so I want get faster with the ideal set up. The track was a little slippery but tomorrow, with more rub, the grip will be better. I am here to win, so let’s work on it”, he finished.

From the United States arrived Kristina Vorndran, one of the few women to run in DD2 class of the RMCGF. Her purpose for this week is well defined in her mind: “I would like to achieve in finals and between the 15 fastests... This first free practice went well, but I had to fight with an inverted gearbox... The track is fantastic, with many overtake places”. I must be more agressive against all men, because I need to be better...”, she said.

Tomorrow the four classes will have more free practice sessions. The first one during the
morning and the other one after the lunch break. Action begins at 10.20, until 16.25 and
lunch time will happen between 12.55 to 13.30.

For photos (different resolutions offered) please use following link:
To follow the event on TV broadcast (after the 28th November):
Welcome to the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals in Portimao.
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