Q: How much does it costs to race? 
A: €15 registration at the Rotax Website (www.rotax-ems.com/ESC) + free membership for 3 months Basic iRacing package (using promo code after registration)
Q: What if I already have iRacing?
A: You just buy the car "Skip Barber Formula 2000" on the website of iRacing. You then have to pay €10 for the car and €15 for the entry fee in the Rotax EVA-System. Or you create a new account, get 3 months free as well as the car and only have to pay the €15 entry fee.
Q: What do I need to race? 
A: PC -  System: https://www.iracing.com/membership/system-requirements

Steering Wheel and Pedals (it is not possible with mouse or joypad)

  • Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback
  • Logitech G29
  • Thrustmaster T300RS
Q: Which software is used? 
A: iRacing
Q: How long before entries close? 
A: You can register for the event till April 26, 2020
Q: What's the difference between SIM or KART Driver? 
A: It just tells us if you usually race SIM or KARTS 
Q: If I have registered as SIM Driver, can I change to KART Driver? 
A: Yes, send us an email to change it
Q: Which car will we drive? 
A: Skip Barber Formula 2000 
Q: Is the car included in the Basic iRacing package?
A: Yes, with 3 months free membership (using rego promo code) 
Q: Is the car set-up fixed? 
A: No. We'll also give you some recommendations
Q: Is the car easy to set-up? 
A: There are not that many changes possible, so you can easily find a good set-up to suit your driving style & ability. 
[TIP - Google & YouTube]
Q: Which track will be used? 
A: Okayama International Circuit, Japan  
Q: How often can I practice before qualifying? 
A: Whenever you want  
Q: Can I see other drivers' practice laptimes? 
A: Yes, of course!  
Q: How many drivers qualify for the racing? 
A: 72 and the top 36 go through to the final
Q: When does qualifying begin? 
A: April 27 - run over 3 days 
Q: Will the racing be held at a reasonable time? 
A: We will schedule to racing for the most suitable time possible for our competitors
Q: What can I win? 
A: The RSRC champion's title + a ticket* to race the Project E20 eKart in Bahrain at the RMCGF 2020 & there's €1.000 in cash prizes too! 
Q: What if I am not eligible to race the Rotax eKart or cannot make it to the event in Bahrain? 
A: You can take the €500 cash prize and the vice champ takes the RMCGF ticket instead
Q: Can we watch the race event online? 
A: Yes, on YouTube and following the link on our website "live stream"
Q: Where do I find more info about the event? 
A: Follow the link to our homepage  
Q: What if I have some questions? 
A: Please ask us - after you check the FAQ on our website
Q: Why is it a car race to qualify for a kart race?
A: ROTAXs idea was to ensure we can have a great competition for our existing ROTAX family and new members alike and at reduced complexity and cost. iRacing allowed us to do this whilst providing a good racing experience!
Not all race sims can support many users, or they are very complicated to set up and/or for the non gamer! We wanted to make this attractive to the masses not the select few experts, added to this the fact we can limit tuning options of the car. It will allow us to follow the ROTAX MAX Challenge philosophy of equal opportunity for all with reduced complexity.
Q: Is it possible to take part with PS4?
Q: Are there any details about times of the event?
A: The servers we will have open for around 5+ hours so people from across the globe can participate, be it early in your morning or late at night? it's not easy to coordinate a global event like this with a perfect time for everybody but we will look to place it at the best time possible for as many people as possible.
An example for qualifying could be European time 3pm till 8pm, this would mean EST 9am to 2pm and Tokyo 10pm to 3am (just as an example) we will monitor the entry list and location and try to accommodate the best we can. Obviously for the race / main event we will have a fixed time so all can participate together.
We will keep you updated about the times on our website and our social media channels.
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