30 years of experience
in karting…

When BRP started its kart engine business in the 1980s, the company dominated the market because of its extensive experience in high performance 2-stroke engines. Rotax engines won the most kart racing titles – and still leads the list of overall championship titles.

In 1997, the company launched a new engine concept based on its extensive experience of 2-stroke technology for recreational applications: the Rotax 125 MAX engine with numerous new features for the karting world.
2014 Introduction of the Rotax 125 MAX evo engine series - the next generation of Rotax MAX engine. 
2013  30th Anniversary of the kart business at BRP. 
2011 70,000 Rotax MAX engines manufactured.
2009 60,000 Rotax 125 MAX engines manufactured.
10th Anniversary of the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals. 
2007 Introduction of the Rotax 125 Micro MAX.
2006 Opening of market to all chassis manufacturers for the Rotax 125 MAX DD2 engine.
2004 Introduction of the Rotax 125 Mini MAX engine.
2003 25,000 Rotax 125 MAX engines manufactured.
2002 Rotax 100cc engines are discontinued.
Market introduction of the Rotax 125 MAX DD2 engine – innovative chainless drive system with 2-speed gearbox.
Introduction of the Rotax RM1 kart.
2000 Introduction of the Rotax 125 Junior MAX engine.
First Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals.
1999 Start of the first national Rotax MAX Challenge race series.
1997 Introduction of the Rotax 125 MAX engine.
1995 CIK homologation of the innovative left-side-drive Rotax 100cc rotary and reed valve engines.
1992 Introduction of the Rotax 100cc piston port engine. (CIK/ICA-Junior class)
1986 Introduction of the Rotax 100cc reed valve engine. (CIK/ICA class)
1983 Introduction of the legendary Rotax 100cc rotary valve engine for kart racing. (CIK/FIA and FSA classes)

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