GRAND FINALS 2011 - Day 20.11.2011

Welcome to the 12th edition of the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals at Al Ain. An event that has been growing from a spectacular number of 252 drivers at La Conca, to an even more incredible 264 in 2011. The drivers have finally arrived from around 60 different countries and are more than eager to compete with the best of the world.

GRAND FINALS 2011 - Day 21.11.2011

So, here we go. Finally we have racing action at the track. Before everybody got focused on racing, most of the talk this morning was of the activities at the welcoming party last night. Usually everybody is so focused on the upcoming days that the welcoming party is a rather silent event compared to the final party.

GRAND FINALS 2011 - Day 22.11.2011

Another beautiful day in Al Ain, UAE. The morning began again with perfect sunshine and warm, still comfortable temperatures. The regular outfit at the track is shorts and flip flops, some may even feel sorry for the drivers who have to put on their gear at 30+ degrees.

GRAND FINALS 2011 - Day 25.11.2011

What a Friday! With the growing excitement on the search for the final champions, there is also the little sad side of it that after the event is over, we will need to wait a year again to celebrate the Rotax MAX idea on this spectacular level.

GRAND FINALS 2011 - Day 24.11.2011

What a great day of racing we have seen this Thursday. With some clouds and a little breeze coming in the afternoon, we saw perfect conditions for kart racing. Although some of the locals might have said that it was rather cold. However, for most of the spectators at the track it was still shorts and flip flop weather.

GRAND FINALS 2011 - Day 23.11.2011

Yesterday we saw an unusual, slightly cloudy day which meant a lower outside temperature. A little bit tricky for the mechanics to figure out the right setup, but nothing really challenging with all their experience.

GRAND FINALS 2011 - Day 26.11.2011

The Grand Finals 2011. Bigger does not necessarily mean better but in this case we are very proud to say, it really was that way. The 2011 finals boasted a spectacular number of 265 drivers from almost 60 different countries.
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