Experience the future of racing

with Rotax Project E20

Speed, power, and performance meet electrifying adrenaline-fueled fun: Offering test drives and racing opportunities alongside major racing events, the Rotax Project E20 tours the European kart circuit with a fleet of new and unique racing carts, the E20. This high-performance electric kart stands at the core of a project that gives racers a taste of the possibilities of e-kart racing and the purest of driving experiences – racing that puts the driver and their skills front and center.


Boost your skills
Racers who participate in Rotax Project E20 events all drive one of the project’s E20 models. All e-karts come with the same specs and powerful performance. This parity is an opportunity and a challenge. With everyone leveraging the same technology, outcomes are entirely up to the driver, their reflexes, and choices out on the track. How they perform in an E20 racing event is a window on their ability and a valuable opportunity to assess and hone skills. The Rotax Project E20 enables data-based coaching - coaching that focuses solely on how best to hone your skills and raw talent, and has the data insights to back it up. The time traditionally spent on gears, fuel, and engine, now turns into a chance to look at the data and figure out how you, as the person in the driver seat, get the best out of the track and yourself.


Discussions in karting always are about someone having a better engine or a better chassis.

When you do it like this, in a format like the Grand Finals, it’s just a question of what the driver can do.
Xen de Ruwe, Race Driver Rotax 125 Max DD2





Taste the performance
The E20 comes with a Sodi Sigma DD2 chassis, specifically developed for this class. It goes from zero to 100 km/h in around 3.5 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of about 135 km/h. With the E20, e-karts not only step up to stand next to conventional karts, but they also redefine racing with features that enable a range of new strategic tools.
Which driver hasn’t dreamed of a magic power boost in a critical moment of a race? The E20 Boost button makes this dream come true. With its incredible instant acceleration right there, at your fingertips, the power boost adds a powerful tool to your strategy toolbox out on the track. (And it’s fun, too!)



It gets so much power. It’s unbelievable.
Mathilda Olsson, Rotax Racing Team



Discover the power of silence

For many in the racing community, especially spectators, its distinct sound landscape is part of the kart racing experience. For race drivers, the noise can be a drawback. With the Rotax Project E20, race drivers are now discovering the substantial benefits of low-noise racing – more focus on competing drivers and the strategic advantage of sounds – the changing wind on the visor, the sound of running over curbs, and the shifting sounds of the tires.



Now that I can hear the tires, I can really work together with the tires.
Kim Nielsen, Danish E-kart Championship



Arrive & Drive

The Rotax Project E20 provides the whole infrastructure – from tents to karts. The set-up is designed to have drivers arrive and drive. They arrive at the tour box, get their race equipment, and just drive. The E20 Project team supports them with data analysis as well as all the material and help they may need throughout the race. Rotax Project E20 events are ideal for getting maximum time out on the track, not least because of the E20’s highly efficient plug & play charging system. The E20 can go 25 laps on a single charge. Then, instead of lengthy engine tuning and gear adjustment, the e-kart charges for an hour, and you’re back on the track. For E20 drivers, this translates into ingredients for a perfect race day – no-fuss maximum track time.



You show up with your suit and helmet and drive.

Ellis Spiezia, Rotax Project E20 Wild Card Winner 2021




Rotax Project E20 paves the way for the future of kart racing
Project E20 is Rotax’s bid to secure the future of kart racing for everyone in this massive community. Policies are changing, and the sport is moving in new directions. With the Project E20, Rotax is exploring new approaches, such as setting up for e-kart races at old-school tracks that lack the necessary power infrastructure by running a gigantic battery instead of Diesel generators.


This is where the sun is powering our GoKarts.

Ellis Spiezia, Rotax Project E20 Wild Card Winner 2021





The 2022 season comes with several opportunities to arrive, drive, and boost your perspective. Check out our European tour dates for the Rotax Project E20, and book your seat to experience a completely new way of racing.

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