GRAND FINALS DAY 1 - 10.11.2013

WELCOME TO NOLA MOTORSPORTS PARK- GRAND FINAL DAY 1 - As the Louisiana sunrays bathe the world in a golden shimmer, one can hear the symphony of 2-stroke, Rotax engines drifting through the air. Although today is only the first day of this prestigious event, numerous, eager competitors are already eyeing the top step of the podium. In fact, the competitive spirit is very palpable in the air.

GRAND FINALS DAY 2 - 11.11.2013

WELCOME TO NOLA MOTORSPORTS PARK- GRAND FINAL DAY 2 - The clinking of the white golf balls can be heard from almost 1 mile away. The long front straight of the Louisiana NOLA Motorsports Park is dotted with hundreds of racers, mechanics, parents, siblings and the Champions’ whole of the Rotax racing community, impatiently waiting for their turn in one of the most exciting raffles in Rotax history.

GRAND FINALS DAY 3 - 12.11.2013

Welcome to the first RMCGF official practice day here, at NOLA Motorsports Park! Today, 3 15-minute practice sessions will be held for drivers to become accustomed to their new chassis, engine packages and the race circuit.

GRAND FINALS DAY 4 - 13.11.2013

Hello and welcome to yet another competitive day at the 2013 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals! Today we will be covering the two 10-minute non-qualifying practice sessions and the deciding round everyone has been waiting for: one 15-minute qualifying session.

GRAND FINALS DAY 5 - 14.11.2013

Welcome to the first day of heat races, in the 2013 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals! The four main categories will be seeing wheel-to-wheel action as competitors vie for the victory. Read our posts to find out what has been happening.

GRAND FINALS DAY 6 - 15.11.2013

Welcome to another great day of racing! Today will be the deciding day of which competitors will be allowed to move into the final rounds of the race, and which ones must pack up their equipment and begin the long journey home.

GRAND FINALS DAY 7 - 16.11.2013

Hello and welcome to the last and deciding day of the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals! The hard work and preparation of all drivers, mechanics, and Rotax families will finally pay off by the end of the day, when 4 new Rotax World Champions are crowned.
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