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Rotax E20 on the race track Bahrain21

Speed, power, and performance meet electrifying adrenaline-fueled fun in the Rotax E20. This unique high-performance electric kart stands at the core of the Rotax Project E20. The project aims to give racers a taste of the possibilities of e-racing and the purest of driving experiences – racing that puts the driver and their skills front and center.

  • Maximum Speed


    With a highspeed of 135 km/h the Rotax E20 is comparable with a Rotax 125 MAX DD2 category.

  • Acceleration


    Push the accelerator and in 3,5 seconds you are from 0 to 100 km/h.

  • Torque


    190 Nm of Torque right from the beginning.

Rotax E20 racing in Bahrain

Building on the Arrive & Drive concept, Project E20 tours European circuits with a fleet of Rotax e-karts. Racers participating in the project's sessions, races, and events drive the same E20 model with the same specs and Sodi Sigma DD2 chassis. This parity is an opportunity and a challenge.

With everyone leveraging the same technology, outcomes are entirely up to the driver, their reflexes, and choices out on the track. How they perform in an E20 race is a window into their ability and a valuable opportunity to assess and hone skills.

Redefining racing with powerful E-features

  • PIC Racing is who we are High Res 062

    Optimize your driving with data

    The Rotax Project E20 enables data-based coaching. It focuses solely on how best to hone your skills and raw talent and has the data insights to back it up. Traditionally spent on gears, fuel, and the engine, time in the pit now turns into a chance to look at the data. A chance to figure out how you, as the person in the driver's seat, can get the best out of the track and yourself.

  • Steering wheel E20

    Performance with a magic power boost

    Who hasn't dreamed of a magic power boost in a critical moment of a race? The E20 Boost button makes this dream come true. With incredible instant acceleration right there, at your fingertips, the boost adds a vital tool to your strategy toolbox. (And it's fun, too!)

  • E20 floodlight 1

    Discover the advantage of silence

    For many in the racing community, its distinct sound landscape is part of the kart racing experience. But for racers, noise can be a drawback. With the Rotax Project E20, racers are discovering the benefits of low-noise racing – more focus on competing drivers and the strategic advantage of sounds – the changing wind on the visor, the sound of running over curbs, and the shifting sounds of the tires.

  • Day2 Project E20 waiting for their appearance

    No-fuss racing with Arrive & Drive

    The Rotax Project E20 provides the whole infrastructure – from tents to karts. Drivers come to the tent, get their equipment, and hit the track. Minimum Adjustments necessary (TRACEY) , e-karts charge for an hour, and you're good for another 25 laps. For E20 drivers, this translates into ingredients for a perfect race day – no-fuss maximum track time.

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Aksel Lund Svindal 02
The E-Kart was impressive. A lot of power, instant power… and with my size, let’s just say it was a very fast experience for me.

Aksel Lund Svindal

The Rotax Project E20 is emerging as a fixture in Europe's karting world. The E20 tour offers a full range of racing experiences – test drives, one-off races, and championships. Some E20 events award tickets to the annual Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals in one of two categories, E20 Junior and E20 Senior.

The 2023 season will come with several opportunities to arrive, drive, and discover a new way of racing. Check out our European tour dates for the Rotax Project E20, and book your seat.

Curious? Check out the tour dates

Upcoming Rotax Karting events

  • 04 Feb 2023

    Gauteng Regional 1

  • 04 Feb 2023 — 05 Feb 2023

    3RA Y 4TA VALIDA 2023

  • 07 Feb 2023 — 11 Feb 2023

    COPA Sao Paulo #1

  • 11 Feb 2023

    National Karting Leg 1

  • 11 Feb 2023

    ROUND 5.1

    Yas Marina Circuit
    R5.2 - YAS MARINA CIRCUIT, United Emirates

  • 12 Feb 2023

    ROUND 5.2

    Yas Marina Circuit
    R5.2 - YAS MARINA CIRCUIT, United Emirates

  • 14 Feb 2023 — 19 Feb 2023

    RMCET Wintercup

    Campillos Karting
    Campillos (Malaga), Spain

  • 18 Feb 2023

    4ta fecha Campeonato Interclubes

    Kartodromo La Chutana
    6ta Fecha Interclubes 23-04, Peru

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