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Whether you're exploring karting, love leaving your friends in the dust on a fun weekend, have your own kart (or not), or compete in the Rotax MAX Challenge, we've got you covered. With our five experience worlds, Rotax Karting has created exciting environments to give the many different people in the global karting community rich and exhilarating racing experiences. Find your Rotax world, pro, rental, hobby, club or indoor - jump right in, and floor it.

DD2 Masters winner GASPAROVICS

Nov 2022

Daily Report #7, Saturday Nov 26, 2022

Drivers Parade Portuguese Flag 6

Nov 2022

Daily Report #6, Friday, Nov 25, 2022


Nov 2022



Nov 2022

Daily Report #5, Thursday, Nov 24, 2022

Upcoming events

  • 04 Feb 2023

    Gauteng Regional 1

  • 04 Feb 2023 — 05 Feb 2023

    3RA Y 4TA VALIDA 2023

  • 07 Feb 2023 — 11 Feb 2023

    COPA Sao Paulo #1

  • 11 Feb 2023

    National Karting Leg 1

  • 11 Feb 2023

    ROUND 5.1

    Yas Marina Circuit
    R5.2 - YAS MARINA CIRCUIT, United Emirates

  • 12 Feb 2023

    ROUND 5.2

    Yas Marina Circuit
    R5.2 - YAS MARINA CIRCUIT, United Emirates

  • 14 Feb 2023 — 19 Feb 2023

    RMCET Wintercup

    Campillos Karting
    Campillos (Malaga), Spain

  • 18 Feb 2023

    4ta fecha Campeonato Interclubes

    Kartodromo La Chutana
    6ta Fecha Interclubes 23-04, Peru

Gf 076

Experience professional racing

Take the next step in your racing career

Every season, the championships and events under the banner of the Rotax MAX Challenge open thrilling possibilities to race at a professional skill level. What makes the RMC as race serie's unique is its uncompromising performance parity. It turns every RMC race into a battle of skills: the difference is you.

RMC Grand Finals - the ultimate season highlight

In the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals, drivers who emerged victorious in RMC championships and events race each other for a place on the podium. As the racing season's highpoint, the Grand Finals celebrates the world's greatest tracks by taking audiences to a new circuit every year.

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